Larry Gerbrandt

My images are a negotiation with Light. My tools of persuasion are a variety of photographic devices and computer hardware but the end goal is always the same: to bend, to push, to prod and sometimes to beg Light to do my bidding. Every image is compromise between what Light will allow me to do and where I want Light to go. Light has a quality, it has direction, it has intensity and it has color. How those are combined determines the emotional reaction an image evokes in the viewer, from mild curiosity to intense attraction, often irrespective of subject matter. The best light is often around sunrise and sunset, where for a few minutes it is warmer and more directional. Great light is also often fleeting, which is why I chose the brand name Rare Light Gallery.

I am often asked how long I have been creating photographic images. My first camera was a Kodak Model 616 box camera I got as a family hand me down at age 6. My high school graduation present was a Pentax 35mm SLR. During a period in the late 1970s when I became a partner in a commercial still and video production company I switched to Nikon and now shoot with the Nikon D800E, the highest resolution (36MP) DSLR available.

Over the decades I have been a magazine editor, a TV and industrial film producer, a cable TV system operator and a media research executive with Kagan and Nielsen. I am currently a principal with Media Valuation Partners and appraise movie, TV and music libraries, often in a litigation context as an expert witness. Irrespective of whatever I was doing professionally I always remained a photographer and continued to refine my craft…and in a digital world where technology is rapidly evolving, staying on the leading edge requires continual training.

Though I was born just up the road in San Jose, I spent most of my childhood in Brazil, where my parents ran an orphanage. It is therefore not surprising that I developed a passion for travel and my business profession and consulting assignments have given me a chance to explore….and that is reflected in the range of images in the Gallery. We moved to San Juan Bautista to be closer to the grandchildren in 2010 and have discovered a treasure trove of images within walking distance as well that I enjoy sharing with gallery patrons and a growing number of collectors.

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